Saturday, April 30, 2011

Charts - Trades from Midwest Cooperative’s Marketing Hour Round table

Below are charts as well as the trades that the memebers of this blog placed in our first MWC Marketing Hour Round Table!

The MWC Marketing Hour Round Table is something new that we just started this past week; it is weekly at 3:30; either Wed or Thursday.  It is new and a little work in process.  Here was the agenda from last week.

3:30 – Update on weekly happenings
Ideas on fundamental what happened past days in markets

The Next MWC Marketing Hour Round Table will be Wed the 6th.
We invite you to all attend next week and the coming week's sessions; our intent is to one day turn this meetings into some sort of marketing club for our local producers.
A rather crazy week as some of the charts and info below indicates.  With the snow blowing here this afternoon I have to wonder if the volatility we have seen is simply just a beginning.

5:00 – Mock trading 4:30 – Option Strategies3:45 – Chart updates- Corn, Beans, KC, MPLS, CBOT Wheat,

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