Sunday, May 6, 2012

Neutral Nick Update - Nearly 200k booked profits

It's been a while since we heard from our mock trading character Neutral Nick.  That is both good and bad; good in that he hasn't been over trading and bad that he hasn't done a good job following up and monitoring his positions as much as he should be.

He recently had his May options expire; in which he left most expire worthless; both the ones he owned and had sold.  But he did have some soybean options that left him long; he chose to get out of them on the close on Friday.

Net with all of his May options expiring and his now turned futures positions Nick booked $193,437.50 profit before his costs and commissions.

Under normal full service brokers he would have paid about 10,800 in commissions; discounted online brokers could have been much less.

For his new trades or updates he has plenty of them with it being some time since he has followed up.

For corn his updates are buying back all of his cheap call options sold for nice profits and selling other options to pay for them as well as some more deferred options that fit his market ideas so he did the following basis Friday's close

Bought 70 CN 700 calls
Bought 120 CN 750 calls
Sold 50 CN 600 puts
Sold 50 CU 600 calls
Sold 50 CZ 600 calls

For soybeans he sold 100 of each of the following

July 1500 calls, 1450 puts
Nov 1600 calls, 1200 puts

For wheat he bought back 40 of the July 8.00 calls that he had sold and then sold 50 of each of the following

Sept 7.00 calls
Sept 6.00 puts
Dec 6.00 puts
Dec 7.50 calls

Overall the one thing you notice is he tried to take away some gamma risk and tried to sell more deferred options; his preference is out of the money with about 5 months left.  He also bought back and placed trades that follow his bias

Below are his P L Graphs; this doesn't include the nearly 200k winner he booked above; also keep in mind that he has risk between commodities and between different months.

Following that are each commodity broke down per contract month as he is looking to book consistent winners every time an option expires via continuing to sell time and volatility and that is what the above trades are trying to accomplish.

Keep in mind that he does have plenty of risk in in strategy

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