Thursday, July 7, 2011

charts for grains on July 7th

here are some charts for the grain markets for July

Will next week's USDA report be the catalyst that moves the markets down even another leg?  Or will it be another shocker that fuels the bulls and lets our bull market keep running.  Perhaps next week's weather forecasts, along with the outside markets, and the coming USDA report set price direction for the next several months.  Do the seasonals and the rule of not holding unpriced corn past July hold true this year once again or do we see the markets end up repeating last years strength during the time of the year when it is least expected.

Bottom line is the markets appear to have plenty of risk's for both up or down price direction; don't be afraid to have some sort of plan to diversfiy that risk.

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  1. Very complex charts and Graphs, would have been easier if the date were shown in a simple form.