Sunday, May 1, 2011

Neutral Nick Consolidated Positions - Projected Profit and Loss

utrBelow I have some consolidated charts for Nick's projected P L on his very MOCK farm.

But first I recently read Ed Usset's blog enteries on spreads between commodities.  I would reccomend checking it out as many believe spreads show a good deal of what is behind actual demand in a given market.  Spreads are one of the strategies that DTN uses in their 6 Factors Marketing Strategies.

To check out Ed's blog go to

Keep in mind that spreads at times can be lagging indicators as we typically see front months lead on rallies with defered months lagging; and vice versa when we see the markets under pressure (at least in my opinion).

Back to Neutral Nick; I have had many ask on what his overall outlook is looking like.  You will find the spots on this blog with each and everyone of his trades as well as all of his booked gains/losses on closed positions, but here is what it looks like for all of his open corn, soybean, and wheat positions combinded.  As mentioned earlier I will work towards an actual hard bottom line number that includes some allowance for slippage and commissions once Nick's old crop story grain marketing is done.

That does remind me; perhaps Nick should be looking at new crop grain marketing sometime soon?

Click here to see Nick's margin info

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