Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pro Farmer Crop Tour Tweets

Here are some Pro Farmer Crop Tour Tweets

  1. Soybean counts have been lower today. Four stops average 740.88. All in District 5. Pest pressure light. Weeds the big deal in
  2. Just listened to comments from day 1which went though our area. Dry, big cracks in ground, tip back, yield to lose.
  3. 6 stops so far in Indiana districts 2,5,1 showing 159.25 avg corn and 1155 avg pod count
  4. , that was our bad one thus far. Been seeing yields about 100 bu/a better. But getting dry
  5. : yield at 174 bpa through 4 fields in North/Central Indiana so far this morning.
  6. is in NE today! After three samples in Hamilton and Polk Counties, we've had avg. 200 bpa
  7. Whoa Nelly! 264 bpa in that irrigated Polk Co field. Def didnt back off on the plant population w/ big, fat ears. Pic coming.
  8. First 4 samples on our route in Indiana 161 bpa pod count 741. Plant health: good condition- soil very dry!
  9. First four samples out of eastern Indiana showing ave corn yield of 191bpa and ave bean count of 1156 but low soil moisture
  10. HA HA!! Funniest comment so far. RT 30m It's good to hear SD is going to save the US corn crop this year.
  11. Its Marestail Central on . We've made 4 stops in Hamilton, Boone, Clinton counties. Corn average 161.45.
  12. I meant to say sampling northwest of fischers on my last corn tweet
  13. Wabash IN 2 stops 167 average vs 106 12'. Beans looking good. conditions improved moving north from Indy
  14. Thru 4 stops, my route has an avg bean pod count in a 3x3 square of 1155.75. . Sampling northwest of fischers IN
  15. Only 2 stops so far in District 2 Indiana, but corn and beans much better out here than what I was seeing yesterday
  16. Around clay county, NE hail storm went through around the first of August, shredded everything. EVERYTHING 80%-100% loss
  17. Thru 4 stops on my route today, we have an avg. corn yield calc of 191.3. We have sampled northeast of fischers IN
  18. watch for day two begins! Looking forward to all the comments about the rest of Indiana today.
  19. First stop in Hamilton County, NE. Crop scout Leslie Smith provides us a report on day 2 of the
  20. Virtual . will they think its valid if I throw in 1000 entires of 87 bu corn for random areas?
  21. I think the is one of the best tours & very well ran I disagree with how they don't do bigger portion of Illinois & Indiana
  22. Off and rolling on day 2 of western leg of . Got some cutworm on dry land corn in Adams Co. NE.
  23. ": How different a field can look from the windshield. Bigger ear is from the outside row. "
  24. It's good to hear SD is going to save the US corn crop this year.
  25. How different a field can look from the windshield. Bigger ear is from the outside row.
  26. Irrigated field in York Co came in at 205.8 bpa on corn, 1730 in bean pod counts. Morr mature than yesterday
  27. First stop on day 2 154 corn yield & 1190 pod count. Looks good out there
  28. Driving between stops and have been seeing about every field on flood or pivot irrigation. Milking stage for a lot of this corn.
  29. As a grain merchandiser, never thought twitter would be so resourceful
  30. I think eastern belt would be similar to 5 yr average. I would estimate half my corn samples have started denting.
  31. Does the tour count a PP field as a zero if it stops there, or move past it to a field with crop?
  32. Doing ok for now. is his area right now, ours in a couple hours do we'll see what they find.
  33. Map Showing Concentration of U.S. Corn Production Very interesting view of where the acres are at.
  34. This field in Miami County IN had a yield estimate of 147 bpa.
  35. First corn field of the day happened to be a white corn field. Ears were all different sizes w/ pollination issues est at 142 bpa
  36. ": Comments CIL and C IN farmers say they lost 20 bpa last 2 weeks. " yeah but they all thought they had 280
  37. Thanks for the seat! Great to visit with you too. RT : Nice to meet you yesterday. Have a good trip!
  38. US production by states. Ohio represents 4% of national production South Dakota represents 4%
  39. There are several USDA, NASS, etc gov bean counters out on the Same trucks, riding along scouting.
  40. Piggybacking on a route today, heading north towards Kokomo IN, then heading NW to pick up our leg near Winamac
  41. I walked holes in the black ground last week and its below avg because its still in water. Side hills r good
  42. It would be really interesting to get an aerial view of the fields they checked to see all the wounded spots.
  43. I think its pretty close for NWOH. Out yield monitors will go from 90-260 across the field with water/wind damage.
  44. Got a fun little rote today hitting Aurora, Rising Citing, Wahoo n Ashland Nebraska on our way to Nebraska city.
  45. First stop outside of Atlanta, IN. . R4 maturity. Beginning dent.
  46. Check this Pro Farmer Tour map. What a f'ing joke they only sample the best corn ground in America.
  47. Nov13 o/n lows really not a healthy retracement of the rally yet, still an 8c gap also
  48. Off for day 2 of sampling on Pro Famer's Midwest Crop Tour!
  49. Pro Farmer tour area. It's the heart of the corn belt, with only 1 state that is totally covered, IA.
  50. Good AM from Saskatoon. Grains are ↓ as it looks like a cliche Turnaround Tues on profit-taking & a bearish . Let's suit up & play
  51. yes Only SE SD. They had worst corn in SD last yr, best this yr so spread should be higher
  52. Market down, bulls quiet. showing no significant disasters. Need hot/dry for 3 weeks to be proper worrying. No need to panic buy.
  53. Up and Attum in Indiana onm . Head West with us as discover how the rest of Indiana and parts of Illinois crop is faring.
  54. Ohio's numbers are in! Where are your yields? MT : Ohio could see its best corn crop ever
  55. VF: U.S. Pro Farmer Crop Tour: Ohio: 1 404.37 gousses au m² vs 1 130.96 à n-1 et 1 271.33 gousses moyennes des 3 dernières années.
  56. VF: Pro Farmer Crop Tour: Dakota du Sud: 1 112 gousses au m² vs 639.96 à n-1 et 1 077.26 gousses moyennes des 3 dernières années.
  57. Just reading results from last night: Ohio corn 171.6 bpa, soy 1,284 pods; SD corn 161.75 bpa, soy 1,017 pods
  58. Hitting the pillow for a short few hours after some technical difficulties in the editors room tonight.
  59. Volg Pro Farmer se Crop Tour by vir die jongste inligting oor gewastoestande en opbrengste hierdie week wat pryse kan beïnvloed.
  60. I've been reading through tweets and posts from most of the day, it seems that this crop needs more time and good weather.
  61. Sorry I didn't see your preview - should have told me! Good crops - seriously. Just need time.
  62. Ohio - 171.64 bpa corn & 1283.61 pod count. South Dakota - 161.75 bpa & 1016.7 pod count
  63. Also worth noting a midst the talk today, Ohio ranked 7th in production in 2012, right behind #6... South Dakota.
  64. : Heading home from the meeting. Had fun putting faces with tweets and meeting folks there.” Nebraska City tomorrow!!
  65. South Dakota yield potential 161.75 bpa up 117.8% from last year

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