Thursday, August 22, 2013

more pro farmer crop tour tweets

here are more pro farmer crop tour tweets

  1. As we work our way to the center of the state moisture starts lacking. Nitrogen deficiency. Yields showing it. 140s-160s BPA
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  2. Our scout reports Minnesota corn yld at 175.6 bpa on 9 samples; 829 soy pods vs 906 pods last yr
  3. Nitrogen deficiency again but seeing consistent yield numbers so far. Around 170 avg after 4 stops.
  4. Western counties of Minnesota looked to of had adequate moisture... yields in the 180-200s BPA.
  5. Faribault Co, MN 2nd stop. Very immature corn. Needs time. Beans must be replant. Moisture not an issue.Corn-98.5 Pod count-175
  6. Little drops of rain whisper of the pain...159 on last field of corn 1062 bean pod count
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  7. Be nice if you could tell us corn stage when posting yield estimates, makes a big deal on the potential at this point in MN
  8. My driver '. "I'm sorry; I'm figuring out this wiper situation here." This all new to us.
  9. @hedgit_jhof: Average of 3 field to the Northeast of Cedar Rapids, IA for corn this morning is 192 bpa.
  10. RT Logan Co IL 197.31 - 2 inches of tip back on the ear 1200 Sang. Co corn 199.29 beans 749
  11. Yield estimates strong so far but crop needs til October to finish. After 5 stops, corn avg 197.3 bpa and beans 1002 pods
  12. Faribault Co, MN Cron Yield 224. Good looking crop overall in milk stage. Pod count 934
  13. We weren't even in prevent plant country yet. This is the southern edge and things look rough
  14. Not what I said. I said 2 pods per node, not 2 beans per pod. I'm well aware you can make good yield with 2 bean pods.
  15. Independence, IA Crops look decent from road. But here's our aerial view. Holes & a lot of yellow
  16. Cloudburst in Delaware Co. On the lookout. for witches ridinf bicycles and flying houses
  17. Not good. These Jackson Co. beans are more advanced, but 2 pods per node don't make a big yield.
  18. Four fields scouted so far in Jackson and Martin counties in S Minn. Healthy est at 179.1 bpa, but most of it late milk.
  19. : Day 3 photos and audio reports from our field agronomists as they tour Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa.
  20. And I wonder, still I wonder who'll stop the rain? A 203 bu yield the hi thus far for our rte I
  21. we've had a low bean average so far. Corn is immature so it will be very difficult to estimate.
  22. hearing word of very immature corn from other routes. A 9 in ear still in blister stage is hard to estimate
  23. That's something to think about, but most of the uneven ear placement we've seem is the result of planting problems.
  24. 3rd Martin Co, MN stop. Corn Yield-179.4 and still in milk stage. Avg length 6.75 inches. Pod Count- 888
  25. Corn field just pollinated, pollen was everywhere. The math puts yield at163.9 bpa, Nobles Co
  26. Mahaska Co Iowa 125 corn 560 pod count on 2 stops, hill ground really variable. Side note I'm on hwy 92 the road I live on
  27. Best field of corn I've seen on in Watonwan County, MN, 240 bpa! Field of beans next to it only 714 pods in 3x3 ft.
  28. Another Martin Co, MN w/ nitrogen deficiency. Corn Yield 169 Pod count 819. Pods mature, need filling.
  29. Nitrogen deficiency evident by firing in corn and dark green grass growing aside crop in Martin Co, MN. Corn yield 171.8 Pods 520
  30. Cutting some of that 'falfa but no one shelling corn, obvs, here in Shellsburg, Iowa
  31. 2nd field of the day came in at 203 bpa in Jackson Co. Beans just got sprayed, so we skipped them this time
  32. Very light showers here this morning! That's been the story all summer. 1.2 inches since June 24th in about 6 different rains.
  33. D'oh! More white corn, Johnson Co IA. 157 bu/ac. Mmm...tortilla chips. Is there anything they can' do?
  34. Should be sad in S MN. “: ...Excited to see eastern IA and SMN numbers tonight in Rochester. Should be exciting!
  35. Benton IA. Not sure if this corn is going to finish filling. Nearly dented and very dry. 126 BPA here.
  36. First MN stop in Jackson Co. worked out to 179.7. Low ear count (area had emergence issues) but some of the longest ears yet
  37. Feels like it's about to rain near Iowa City. No dew in sight. Crops trying to catch up with some of our thirsty scouts this AM
  38. Last day on the tour is underway! Excited to see eastern IA and southern MN numbers tonight in Rochester. Should be exciting!
  39. Thanks for the entertainment last night and for your lesson on the markets. FYI I loved your chicken shirt
  40. lots of bare dirt and blister corn it will be interesting to see how the will put a yield on those fields!
  41. Scouting a lot of MN today. Going W thru Worthington, N to florence then E to New Ulm, NW of Mankato, Waseca to Rochester
  42. Ready for the last day of from Ohio City to Rochester,MN. Might see more rain than wanted and maybe even some corn too....
  43. Scouts are gonna find some wet fields this morning! Those of you in and leaving Spencer, did this wake u?
  44. Dec13 has been unable to rally above 50% level @ 487.0, Stochastics turning lower, 20dma @ 467.5
  45. Nice .5 inch rain overnight. Looks like I am heading to in Rochester tonight. Looking forward to the circus.
  46. Looks like we'll be sampling in the rain on routes from Iowa City to Rochester today. Good for crops, not so good for crop scouts
  47. Last day of sampling on the Pro Farmer Crop Tour, headed from Spencer, IA to Rochester, MN.
  48. Morning August 22 QPF 5 day precipitation forecast, seemingly showing less in Midwest than yesterday’s PM
  49. US production by states. Iowa represents 18% of US production Final day ! Final report tomorrow
  50. Illinois corn yld 170.5 bpa on 201 samples, above 3yr avg at 148 bpa. Also 1,116 soy pods, below 3yr avg at 1,149
  51. Last night's tour results, corn yld 175.65 bpa in NW Iowa on 52 samples, 160 bpa in SW Iowa on 37 samples, big range
  52. No heat RT : How different a field can look from the windshield.Bigger ear is from the outside row.
  53. Corn Soybean 171.64 1283.61 OH 167.36 1185.14 IN 170.48 1115.97 IL 154.93 1138.94 NE 161.75 1016.70 SD
  54. Sell CZ 550 calls and SX 1150 puts. Boring but I think it will work boring is better than losing $$
  55. Dough and Dent Forecast looks great. No rain and an extended stay in the 90's.
  56. RT RT : Corn yet needs both rain and heat. Have to adjust expectations for this crop! at Spencer
  57. Eastern Iowa corn yields are up about 15% from last year thus far in the tour.
  58. RT IA districts 1: 175.65; Diff 3 yr avg: +3.87% 4: 170.00; Diff 3 yr avg: +5.3% 7: 160.12; Diff 3 yr avg: +5.59%
  59. print is much older in person thought he was a kid tweeting from his folks house he is Real Real old !

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