Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wheat Tour Twitter info

Below is info form Twitter on the Crop Tour

Using Hash Tag #wheattour13 and following @hedgeit

  1. Field 10. Howell, KS. 18" tall. Under pivot. Stalks blown over.
  2. Field 9. Outside Garden City, KS. 10" tall. Flood irrigation. Visual 44. Calculated 38.

  3. Field 8. Kearny county, KS. 4" tall. Irrigated. Visual 24. Calculated 32.

  4. Field 7. Outside Syracuse, KS. 6-8" tall. Irrigated. Visual 37. Calculated 41.

  5. Field 6. Hamilton county close up.

  6. Field 6. Hamilton county. Dry land. Frost damage. 7 visual. 12 calculated.

  7. Field 5. Greeley county. Dry land. 4" tall. Visual 20. Calculated 21.

    1. RT : Name that damage. Some pressure on this wheat west of Greensburg, calculated 31.5 bpa
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    2. Greeley Co., western Kan. 5 bpa potential, but likely abandoned. Many fields in the area look like this.
    3. After 16 stops, my car averaged 38.8 bpa compared to 40.4 on this route last year. Highest yield 66, lowest 21 bpa.
    4. Time to play, "Name that Damage!" Wheat near Pratt looks good. 48.4 bpa when lowering the std deviation.
    5. Irrigated wheat, east of Larned; 36 bpa yield potential. Forecast of 27; could be trouble if it freezes.
    6. In Kiowa county, found some freeze damage, but wheat is recovering well, 42 bpa seems plausible
    7. Last stop in Woods Co. Got an estimated yield of 45.9 bpa. Taller stands, some disease pressure, but overall pretty good.
    8. Our team reports excellent field in Rice County south of Lyons. Jointed, dark green. 54 bpa estimate
    9. 1st heads emerging in Harper Co. Thinner stand, but tall. One head had 18 spikelets. Est. 30.5 bpa
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    11. Irrig field E. of Garden; some freeze dmg to leaves. 1st time we can dissect heads. 42 bpa.
    12. This field is in Lane County and estimated at 37.75 bpa. Our team reports it still needs moisture
    13. RT : Near Winona, this farm has had 6-inches of rain total in the last 2 years. 0 bpa.
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    14. QT Weather: KS Tour. 010-0.50 W KS next 48 hours (snow precip) 1-2+ inches C and E KS (25F Goodland Fri)
    15. 13 bpa - if it rains. Near Winona in NWKS. Remember, yield potential only w/good weather from now on.
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    16. Long deadhead. Windshield impression of wheat S. of Garden City along Hwy 83: drought damage not as visible as expected
    17. Near it drought? Freeze? 15 bpa potential, with lots of help from Mother Nature.
    18. Our team's day one estimate of the crop tour is 43.8 bpa, total stops 277 compared with 53.4 last year
    19. Greeley Co., western Kan. 5 bpa potential, but likely abandoned. Many fields in the area look like this.
    20. In Greeley county, calculations say 8.6 bpa, but our van is curious what the adjustors would estimate.
    21. Near Sharon Springs, irrig wheat has 39 bpa potential. Dry land wheat across the road has 7 bpa.
    22. Irrigated wheat near Sharon Springs est at 39 bpa, dryland corner across the road may make 8.5.
    23. First stop near Goodland,short, brown crop, calculations say 20 bpa, but we're guessing more like 5-10


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