Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mock Trading - MWC Marketing Hour Round Table

Below are some of the trades that we placed in our mock trading session in this afternoon's MWC Marketing Hour Round Table

For the futures trades we had the following:

Dan bought KC July wheat and Sold MPLS July wheat; risking a nickle with an objective of 20 cents

Dan also bought Dec corn at 5.32; risking 10 cents with an objective of 5.60

Kevin went long a couple KC July wheat contracts with a risk of 7.40

Dan placed an order to buy Nov Soybeans at 12.02; with a dime risk if hit

I placed an order to buy a couple KC July at 7.60; with orders to buy 2 more every dime down to 7.00 bucks; with a risk to 6.90..........scale trading

On the options side of things we did the following

Dan sold the 5.50 Sept corn call and put both; which was a trade that Van Trump had out today

Kevin bought a couple of the 6.70 July corn calls

Jordan sold 5 of the 6.10 July corn puts and 5 of the 6.60 July corn calls

I bought a couple July 6.40 corn calls, sold a couple of the 6.10 corn puts, and sold a couple of the 6.80 corn calls...........with the plan of risking the long calls and short puts to a future close below 6.00 on the July contract

We had a few adjustments from previous trades that we had on; I added to my wheat option trade via selling the 7.00 July put and call both;

We also booked a couple gains and losses

...........not much for pre-report trades..........if we did we probably would have looked at calendar spreads or maybe ratio spreads...........Also like the idea of short dated new crop options..........

Hope to see some more of you next week in Onida


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