Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grain Market Comments for a very strong session - May 17th grains closed higher

Markets are called mixed this a.m. behind a mixed overnight session and weaker outside markets.

IN the overnight session CBOT wheat was up 1 cent, MPLS wheat was up a penny, KC wheat was off a penny, new crop corn was up 5 cents, new crop beans where up 7, old crop corn was up 7, and old crop beans where up 4 cents.  At 9:25 outside markets are weaker/mixed European wheat is up about 1 percent, equities are softer with the DOW off 40 points, and crude is off about 60 cents a barrel.

Outside markets with fund liquidation/risk coming off the table versus friendly fundamentals appears to be the story this a.m.  A battle that has been going on for weeks and continues to lead the headlines; weather is supportive to our markets as it simply remains either too dry or too wet in many places.

Winter Wheat conditions dropped yesterday which was a little bit of a surprise, while spring wheat came in at only 36% planted which is near record slow, corn planting was 63%, and beans at 22%. 

It is about 10:40 now and markets are open with the grains holding in there tremendously well despite the rather weak outside markets.  Presently we have the equities under pressure with the DOW down 165 points, the US Dollar is firmer with the cash index up 350 at 75.82, crude is off 2.00 a barrel, while the grains have CBOT wheat up 9 cents, KC wheat up 2, MPLS wheat up 5, beans off a dime, corn up 2 cents on the old crop, and new crop corn up about a nickel.

So far I consider the grain price action great; wheat in particular having gained on the overnight session despite the outsides.  One caution would be that wheat is being lead by CBOT wheat which could be due to the quality concerns starting to hit the SRW wheat area (scab and disease with all of the rain) but it CBOT wheat leading the way for wheat’s strength today could be more risk coming off the table as the funds on Friday where short CBOT wheat and long the other wheat’s.

When everything was said and done the grains all ended up showing some strength and closed very firm across the board; wheat lead the way with CBOT wheat up 28, KC wheat was up 19, and MPLS wheat was up 26, Corn was up 23 on old crop, while NC corn was up 18, beans where up 14, crude bounced back towards unchanged and at 5:30 is up about a dollar in the night session, the US dollar is down 101 points at 75.369 on the cash index, and the equity markets bounce well off of their lows with the DOW closing down 69 points.

Overall a great day; especially considering where the outside markets where for most of the grain market session; many thought we could see the grains close in the red; but we did manage good solid strength as most of our grains close near the highs when all was said and done.

Basis strong, spreads supportive, weather supportive (dry in Europe, dry in the south, Wet in Ohio, ND, Indiana, SRW Areas), and outside markets bouncing all helped the grains today in very impressive action.  Technically it appears we are still in sideway’s markets; but a decent bounce could turn some signals into buy’s in the near future.

Birdseed buyers seem to have more interest the past couple of days as it appears that business has picked up; I would note that business on the books via increased shipments is the main attraction but I have also had some buyers inquire about purchasing product that really seems to be in tight hands.

Watch for more volatile price action as we move forward; there has been rumors lately that Russia and the Black Sea region will be back in the export game rather soon.  That in itself wouldn’t be the most friendly thing for our grain markets.

Also don’t forget tomorrow we will have another session of our MWC Marketing Hour Round Table; in Onida Wednesday at 3:30.  We will be updating charts, going threw strategies and then do some more mock trades.  We hope to see you then.


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