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Here are some links to just about everything related to Grains, Futures, Options, and Various Agricultural Topics

Ag Web Discussion form - I frequently post on the Markeitng old and new crop - Best Cooperative in South Dakota in my rather bias opinion - quotes and opinion on market anaylsis; there technical opinion is very usefull and can help educate - CME & CBOT - very good information under the Educational Section; plus at you can play a Simulated Trading game as either a speculator or as a hedger; very neat tool that helps teach trends - KC Board of Trade - MPLS Grain Exchange - great source for technical information, fundamental information on the grain markets, and trading strategies - Great downloadable for FREE tools; such as break even anaylsis, cash flow, marketing plans, P & L info, Inputs.....etc - Most information on risk management that I have seen on the web - Great source for information on products, technical anylsis, and trade system anysis

Grain Marketing Plans -  Grain Marketing

Developing and implementing a marketing plan

Developing a Marketing Plan

Personal Considerations In marketing