Various Charts and comments to go along with them.

 A couple of updated charts 1-21-11

March CornOut side key bearish reversal put in on Wed; gained most of it back Thursday after trading down toward the 50% retrace of latest up wave.  Left a Doji at resistance today; as failed to make a new high close.  Overall very bullish chart; but a little concern should be out there with the price action this past week.

CBOT March Wheat1st close above the Aug 5th close; but still hasn’t took out the High from Aug 6th….appears to just be a matter of time.

Charts update 12-30-11

This first Chart is a CBOT March Wheat Chart........on the surface looks good and resembles that we are testing some resistance areas.  The one caution was the doji left on the charts today which happended to be the highest close since August 5th; doesn't mean we turn down anytime soon but Doji's say that the market is perhaps running out of direction or seeing some sort of exhaustion of current moves; add to that a Doji at what would be resistance and you have potential area for a reversal.  I guess time will tell how this one shakes out.