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Country Hedging Mid Day in the Markets 7-12-2012

Midday In The Markets

Grains and oilseeds are climbing higher as we wonder just how small the corn and bean crop are going to be. We’re seeing plenty of buying today; it appears no one wants to be short. Export sales were good for beans. Wheat continues to follow row crops also finding extra support from production problems in the Black Sea and Japanese buying. Soybean spreads are still weaker. Soybean fundamentals are still bullish, but the elephant in the room is how much will China pay for beans if their economy is slowing down? China sold 390,090 mt of beans from reserves today.

Export Sales: In thousand tons
                Old         New
Corn:     172.7     492.1
Wheat:                 311.8
Beans:  332.1     427.1
Meal:    95.7        74
Oil:         34.4        -0.5

Once again higher corn prices and slow demand for beef continue to put pressure on cattle. Weekly export data showed a net sales of 17,300 tons, down 2,600 tons from last week. With a stronger dollar and a majority of “grilling” holidays behind us, exports will continue to hold sway over the market. Also, an abundance of supply as more cattle come off drought-ravaged pastures into the market will be detrimental to prices as well. Lean hogs are trading higher today on firmer cash prices and as packers buy hogs to fill out the week’s slaughter quota. Yesterday’s average cash hog price form Iowa/ Southern MN was $97.30, up $2.26.

Stocks continue to fall as investors lose hope of QE3. Not even the good economic data was able to revive their spirits. US jobless claims were down 26,000 to 350,000. Global economic growth is still weighing on the markets as investors wait for Friday’s reveal of more Chinese numbers and any further developments in the euro zone crisis. Gold is down $8.90 at $1,566.80. Crude is down $0.67 at $85.14. The Dollar is up $0.12 at $83.85. It looks like the dollar may be shaping into a “head and shoulders” pattern, so that should give us something to watch as well.

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