Sunday, May 20, 2012

July 2010 all over again?

Recently the wheat market strength has had me thinking back to July of 2010.  A time when we saw wheat nearly double in a months time.

If memory serves me correct wheat and some of the other grains like corn made their low prices right before the June 30th report.  Then on the heals of a small Russia Crop, everyone bearish (very bearish) prices, and the funds massively short wheat we saw a rally in CBOT from a 4.25 low in late June to a high of 8.41 on August 6th.

The way that rally ended was most impressive and still stands in my memory.  CBOT wheat hit limit up on the 5th of August and then went nearly limit or limit up the next night only to close that session limit down when everything was said and done.

The best part of the wheat rally is what followed as it was really the start of the commodity rally in general.  The small Russia crop for wheat lead to less feed competition and helped out our corn exports and it also helped out our wheat exports.  When went from no profits in grains to good profits in a hurry.  It lead to many selling a little early as we had been down on prices since the 2008 collapse; but it really started and since lead to another leg up for the grain prices and commodity outlook.

Flash back to the here and now; we have some similarities now; funds are shorter today then they where back in 2010 which gives this rally a chance to be more then explosive and it is once again lead by weather and possible smaller crops.

Can this lead to another leg up for the grain prices?  After all since the 2010 rally wheat has been able to hold very close to the 5.50-6.00 level.  Can this wheat rally give us the support that allows 5.00 corn to now be the low for years to come?  Can it lead wheat back to the highs in 2010-2011?  Will we see butterfly effects that include new all time highs for corn and beans?

Maybe this rally in wheat is just to get things back in line; after all without it would we have had any wheat planted this fall?   Now perhaps getting wheat back in line helps keeping things in balance; helps us not see a huge swing in acres next year.

When it comes to marketing i am not going to get super bullish and not make sales.  But I am also going to remember 2010 and try to spread my risk out; scaling into sales slowly in hopes of a big bull market and I am going to remember prices just a few weeks ago for wheat.  With that in mind maybe I will look at buying some put protection and trying to create min price levels for my grain.

And that protection; i might want to get sooner then later as I don't know if this will be July 2010 all over again or just another correction in a bear market.

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