Friday, February 17, 2012

Neutral Nick Update

Well it's been a couple week's since Neutral Nick jumped back on the scene; so it is about time for an update.

Below you will see some screen shots showing Nick's updates and projections; keep in mind this time nick is much more diversified into the months he has options sold and purchased.  Generally he has purchased a few nearby options and sold deferred options. He also has used his idea's on where spreads go to decide how to position himself.  His goal is no longer to stay 100,000 delta short.  His system this time is trying to make about a million dollars in each of the grains; without huge margin exposure; watching his gamma risk and not building such a huge and unrealistic mountain if you will.

Check out his info below.

The above graph on his delta position is really one thing that needs to be managed.  A couple of reasons.  A) so he doesn't swing too direction bias and stays "neutral" so to speak  B) So he can help control his margin cost.  What is his plan to do that; take a little off the top side via near term closer to the money options that have a big gamma advantage over other options he has sold or is selling.

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