Friday, November 4, 2011

Updates from this week's MWC Marketing Round Table - Mock Trading Session

This past week we held another session of our MWC Marketing Hour Round Table.

As always we went threw charts, talked a little fundamentals, and placed some new trades while updating or adjusting other trades during the mock trading session.

Here is a recap of the open positions after this week's session.

In the futures section of the mock trading we have the following open

Jordan - scale bought CBOT Dec wheat; Long 2 Jan beans, long CBOT Wheat versus short CBOT corn (March), Long July 12 beans versus short Nov 12  beans

Jeremey - Scale trading short side of Dec corn.

Kevin - Long KC Wheat short MPLS wheat (March spread), long Jan beans up until Thursday at that time he took profit and now has reversed to be short Jan beans, Long CBOT March Wheat versus short CBOT Corn.

Dan is long KC March Wheat

For the option trades open we have the following

Kevin has an open free trade as we speak in that he is long 7.00 Dec corn call and short 8.20 (4 of them); this was a ratio spread that he rolled out and now has profit locked unless corn shoots back over 8.50 ish in the next 3 weeks.

Jordan has a 3 way corn trade; once again after adjustments not much will happen.  He is long 7.50 puts short 7.00 puts, and long 7.50 calls; overall it appears like he is set up for a small loss.

The next trade open is one of mine in that I am long july 7.00 corn call, short 3 of the 8.50's, short 2 of the July, long 1 of the 6.50, long 2 of the 5.50 puts, and then short one of the 7.00 calls.  We do our trades using position book; so when we adjust we place the trades in the same section offsetting then move to the booked profit or loss when the whole trade is complete.  That is why this trade has both a long and short call of the same strike.  It was orginally a ratio spread trade and since has been adjusted.

next on the list is Jordan with a short KC wheat 800 put and short 900 call.  With KC wheat well below the put level he is basically long KC wheat from 8.00 minus the premium he received for the puts and calls.

Kevin is next with another adjusted trade that is now a GTD Winner.  We love trying to turn option trades into free trades when given the opportunities.  he is long the 750 put, short the 750 put, short the 800 call, long the 8.00 call and long the 8.50 call.  Bottom line is he placed the trades at the right time and has a free trade.

Jordan is long 4 of the MPLS Dec 9.50 calls, short 1 of the CBOT March Wheat 6.00 puts.

Chris is short a 10.00 Dec MPLS call and a couple of the 8.00 MPLS March puts

Jeremey is short a 6.00 put in JULY 12 CBOT Wheat against 2 short 9.00 calls

Jordan owns a 6.40 Dec corn call and put both

Kevin owns a couple Dec 6.55 corn calls against a short 6.15 corn call.

And lastly I have 3 different open option trades.  First is a a bean trade; where I am short the Jan 13.50 calls, long a 11.70 put, short a 11.20 put.  The trade at one time owned the 13 jan calls; but I liquitated them this week.  To orginally pay for the trade I sold a Nov 2012 12 put (which allowed me to own multiple call spreads 9 of them).  When the trade itself looked to be going south this week I adjusted via selling the calls I owned; keeping the puts, and further selling additional options to adjust. I sold the Jan put as mentioned above but I also sold a couple Nov 15.00 bean calls.

Next I have a short option trade for CBOT Corn in that I am short the 6.00 puts, 7.00 calls, and 7.50 call.

Lastly a bullish trade for March CBOT wheat; long the 6.60 call, short a 7.30 call, and short the 6.00 put.

Going home on Friday we had open trades that are up aprox 8,075.  As for the booked trades we have profits of $ 70,097.50 with losses of $25.784.00 for a net total of about $44k profits.

Keep in mind that past performance doesn't mean future results and we are simply doing MOCK trading with fake money in an attempt to start a marketing type club in the near future.

We hope to see more of you next week.

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