Monday, October 3, 2011

Mock Trading Update!

Here is a quick recap of last week's mock trades from our MWC Marketing Hour Round Table.  Which we have every week in Onida on Wed at 3:30; hope to see some of you there.

New Trades


Sold a 6.00 March Wheat Put and a 9.00 March CBOT Wheat call; used that to purchase a Dec 6.25 Wheat Put.


Purchased 3 of the 13 Nov bean calls; while selling 1 of the 12.20 NOv bean puts and purchasing 2 of the 11.00 Nov bean puts; net cost about a nickel a bushel.


Jeremey Sold 1 6.00 Dec put and purchased 2 of the 6.80 Dec corn calls

Jordan moved stop on his oats-corn spread.

Here is the updated P L on booked trades; both Dan and Kevin where gone last week and didn't enter any new trades;

PERSON          DATE  PROFIT/(LOSS) Booked

Dan        14-Sep  $            2,037.50   
Dan        14-Sep    $            (750.00) 
Kevin     14-Sep  $              500.00 
Kevin      21-Sep    $         (1,000.00) 
Dan        21-Sep    $            (200.00) 
Jeremey  28-Sep  $            2,900.00   
Jeremey 28-Sep  $            1,500.00      
Jeremey 28-Sep  $            1,000.00   
Dan 28-Sep    $         (1,000.00) 
Jeremey 28-Sep  $              850.00   
 Kevin 28-Sep  $            7,925.00       

Also our old rules stated that adjustments could only be made once a week;  We have changed that and will now allow adjustments anytime provided they are posted here at

So hopefully that will liven up our action.  If anyone who can't attend would like to enter a mock trade feel free to drop one of us an email or simply post the trade as a comment.

To start off I will add and adjustment to an open trade; I will place a buy stop on a close of 4 contracts of Dec corn - on a close above 6.05 1/2 ; this is to reverse out of present position that was a couple long Oct 7.00 puts that has now turned into short Oct futures from 6.94 (strike price minus option cost)

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