Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MWC Marketing Hour Round Table - Trades and Trace Concepts

We will be having our MWC Marketing Hour shortly and Dan the man won't be able to make it; but Dan did email over his trades for the week along with updates on his open positions.

Below is the email with his trades; look for an update on the other trades later.

"My Z 11 corn trade closed at 7.34 for a loss of .15
KWH 12 trade hit objective of 8.30 for a gain of .4075
Bean Butterfly Trade:  Jordan said the monarch hasn't made its migration yet..............Right on the money with nothing in the wallet...............only up $ 400...........Need to gain on my time value............. Let it ride!
And the trade of the week!    Drum roll please!!!
Long CZ11 @ 7.2425    Objective:  7.3625 Closing    Risk: 4 cents or 7.2025
Dan Powell"
please check back later as we will update all of the trades sometime after we have our marketing session.

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