Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mock Trading from Today's MWC Marketing Hour Round Table

This afternoon we had another MWC Marketing Hour Round Table. 

First off during the past week Dan closed two trades one for about a 40 cent winner and another for a 15 cent loser.

Kevin also exited a trade with a 10 cent winner; while Jordan and myself exited no trades last week.

I posted Dan's trades/adjustments yesterday; below are the trades the rest of us did.

Adjustments :

Jordan - Sold 2 14 nov bean calls against his long 14.00 bean call and short 16.00 bean put

Against his bean corn option spread he sold 2 7.00 corn puts and bought 2 of the 7.50 corn calls along with selling 1 14.60 nov call;

Kevin - didn't adjust any trades as he left is ratio spread trade on while took profits on another trade

Jeremey - on my ratio protection spread with Dec 12 corn call sold while owning the 7-6.50 Nov bear put spread; i sold 1 of the 7.20 Nov puts and 3 of the 7.00 Nov puts

Against my July 2012 corn ratio spread I sold 2 6.00 puts and bought 1 of the 6.50 puts July puts

That was all of the adjustments made this week; but below are the trades we made

Trades of the Week :

Kevin - Sold Dec 8.00 call while purchasing the 8.50 dec call and the 7.50 Dec put; basically sold a credit spread to purchase a put

Kevin also entered a spread trade as he sold the KC March wheat 2 times against a long March corn; he had a risk of 1000 on the close with an objective

Jordan - Went short a 8.00 KC Dec put and short a 9.00 Dec Call

Jeremey Sold 1 of the Dec 7.00 corn puts while purchasing 5 of the Oct 7.00 Puts

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