Thursday, July 21, 2011

MWC Marketing Hour Round Table - Mock Trades for July 20th

Here are the open mock trades that we presently have in our Mock Trading Session that happens every week on Wed in Onida during our MWC Marketing Hour Round Table.

Present Open Positions/Trades for Jordan are as follows

Short 1 Nov bean at 13.88 with 2 long Nov 13.80 calls for 70 cents each; a trade that gives him a near neutral position

Short 1 Nov 12.00 bean put and short 1 Nov 16.00 bean call for a total of 49 cents

Short 1 Dec 8.00 corn call and long 1 15.00 Nov Soybean call

Long KC Sept Wheat from 7.62

Long KC Dec Wheat - Short MPLS Dec at a 37 cent premium to MPLS

Present Open Positions/Trades for Kevin are as follows

Short 1 Sept Corn at 6.88; with an objective to 6.44 and a risk on a closing basis to 6.98

Present Open Positions/Trades for Dan are as follows

Long KC Dec Wheat  short Dec corn  at a 1.08 1/2 cent premium to KC

Short Dec Corn at 6.77 3/4 with a risk to 6.98 3/4 and an objective of 6.22 3/4

Present Open Positions/Trades for Jeremey are as follows

Short 1 Dec corn at 6.79 3/4 with 2 Dec 6.00 corn puts sold against for 24 cents each

Ratio trade on soybeans; short 4 of the 15.40 calls, long 1 of the 13.60 calls for a net credit of 20 cents a bushel or $1,000; follow up plan is to roll short calls out if futures get near 15.00 ish on the Nov board; while on the down side buy back the short calls if trade can turn into a free trade at any point

Short 1 16.00 nov bean call and short 1 12.00 Nov bean put for a total of 38 cents

Long 1 Dec corn 6.80 call, short 2 Dec 7.30 corn calls, and long 1 Dec 7.50 corn call for net credit of 7 cents; basically a butterfly trade that was legged into

Short 1 Dec corn call; long 3 5.00 corn puts, long 7 of the 14.00 Aug Bean calls of which 3 where sold for 12 cents leaving 4 left - Net free cost when placed

Be sure to check back for updates or better yet come and join every week in Onida at Midwest Cooperatives.

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