Saturday, April 30, 2011

Neutral Nick update - Now this is more like it

Neutral Nick update 4-29-11
Nick squared up his positions as he once again tries to put his broker’s kid’s threw college; while not losing the farm and hopefully adding to an already big picture.
If you remember Nick decided to play the delta bushel equivalent game; keeping 100,000 bushels of corn, soybeans, and wheat sold.
Corn Trades
These and all trades are now July options; if you remember he exit’s all trades when the July options expire. That is the good thing about this project he took on.
Sold 200 of the July 7.00 Corn puts
Sold 300 of the July 6.50 Corn Puts
Sold 90 of the July 9.00 Corn calls
Wheat trades
Sold 200 of the 9.50 calls
Sold 200 of the 9.00 calls
Sold 250 of the 8.50 calls
Sold 125 of the 7.00 Puts
All July – All CBOT Wheat
Bean Trades
Sold 130 July 13.40 Bean Puts
Sold 50 July 15.00 Bean Calls

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