Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mr Vegas exit's part of his trades locking in a little profit before the options expire

Mr Vegas got out of a couple legs of his trades today; he replaced all of his grain with option strategies ahead of the USDA report

Some of those options are ones that expire this Friday as they are Feb serial options.  He owns 100 of the 7.90 wheat calls, 60 of the bean 13.70 calls, and 70 of the 6.20 corn calls.

He decided that he was going to exit 1/3 of those each today, thursday and friday

He is short some higher strike calls and he will leave the first batch of those and try to simply collect back some money

so today he sold 34 of the wheat calls for 14 cents a piece, 20 of the soybean calls for 45 cents each, and 23 of the 6.20 calls for 24 cents a piece

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